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Value Added Logistics Services

To survive in today’s fast changing business environment it takes innovation, diversity and flexibility to succeed. If you have a logistical requirement “out of the ordinary” then Cargocare should be your first point of contact. We will listen then provide tailor-made solutions to put your mind at ease.


  • 3 Origin Buyer-Consolidation, we have the capabilities to combine multi-vendor single buyer shipments into the same container, even if three origins are involved (Keelung, Taichung & Kaohsiung).

  • Sports Events, managing the collection of Sports Equipment from numerous origins to delivered Taiwanese venue and the safe return.

  • Manufacturer / Buyer Confidentiality i.e. where a supplier/agent does not want to identify the manufacturer to their buyer and vice-versa (documents, shipping marks, labels, ddp etc.)

  • Official Customs Classification (new products)

  • Pick & Pack.

  • Stock (inventory) Reporting.

  • Palletisation, slip sheets, shrink-wrap etc.



Whatever your needs Cargocare deliver!
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