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Cross-Trade Taiwan-controlled China Freight Forwarding Services

More and more labour intensive manufacturers are relocating factories from Taiwan origins to those of Mainland China to keep a competitive edge within their respective market-place. A natural consequence is that their suppliers soon follow, including freight transport solution providers.


At Cargocare our strength is our knowledge of Taiwan and we synergize that same strength of our partner in China, Cargo Services. Together we offer you an unrivalled cross-trade China freight forwarding service, with control in Taiwan, including document issuance.


Cargo Services Far East Limited started its shipping business in Shanghai in 1992. Over the years, a network of 12 offices has been established along the coast of China. The offices in China are located in the following cities:



In 1998, Cargo Services (China) Limited was established to oversee all China offices of Cargo Services Far East Limited, except the two southern ones in Shenzhen and Guangzhou which are controlled directly by Hong Kong.


Cargo Services (China) Limited is a holder of Class A Forwarder's Licence issued by the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Trade.


The headquarters of Cargo Services (China) Limited is situated in Shanghai. It is headed up by experienced local Chinese professional managers.


Experienced Hong Kong managers in specific functions of sales and marketing and documentation are permanently based in the bigger offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen to guarantee the maintenance of an international standard for freight shipping services provided to overseas customers.


Although China is fast becoming the manufacturing centre of the world we also offer the same local know-how no matter where your factory is located in Asia.


Contact your local Cargocare office to find out more about out Taiwan-China freight shipping.

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