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Providing excellence in air and ocean freight shipping services between Taiwan and Europe



CARGOCARE with FAR EAST CARGO LINE, operating in Asia and Europe, can offer freight forwarding links from any China and Taiwan location to destinations throughout Europe.


We have offices in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung meaning we can better serve you with shipping solutions throughout Taiwan. Our coverage of the island along with our commitment to the Taiwan-Europe traffic has allowed us to become the largest local ocean freight forwarding company in the Taiwan market. We currently handle well over 1000 TEUS by ocean and over 30 TONNS by air every month. We provide a value added service to more than 1,500 private and publicly listed satisfied customers.


We pride ourselves with being able to offer you the friendliest and most efficient forwarding services in Taiwan. Visit our quotation page or contact us page to find out how to get in touch with us - we will help you any way we can!



Leading Forwarder Services in Taiwan


Being the leading forwarding company in Taiwan for freight shipments between Taiwan and Europe means we can offer you the most comprehensive solutions anywhere on the island.

Together with a close partner in China we can provide you with freight logistics from Taiwan to anywhere in China.

Ocean Forwarding

Cargocare Taiwan Ltd, combines the best of East and West to provide excellence in ocean freight shipping services between Taiwan and Europe..

Air Forwarding

Cargocare established an air freight forwarding department, which has since achieved rapid growth to become a well-known and respected name in the air freight industry..

China Freight

More and more labour intensive manufacturers are relocating factories from Taiwan origins to those of Mainland China to keep a competitive edge..


It maybe Michel Blanc’s adaptability that has enabled him to thrive in Taiwan’s fast paced business culture. In fact, when Michel arrived in Taipei back in 1989, he had no intention of staying.


As an employee of Cargocare, a Swiss freight forwarding company, he meant to set up a Taipei branch office, spend a couple of months training the new employees, and head back to Switzerland. But as has often happened in Michel’s life, events didn’t follow the plan.


In 1992 Michel took over the Taiwan branch from the Swiss parent company and got the company off the ground by making deals with local bicycle manufacturers.


Taiwan’s bicycle makers were growing quickly on the back of the mountain-biking boom and Cargocare grew with them. It was Michel’s European connections that provided Cargocare an edge over local rivals vying for export business to Europe.


Today Cargocare is a US$20 million-a year business, shipping more than 1,000 teu (equivalent to 20’ containers) a month to Europe, and over 30 tons a month by airfreight to global destinations. It also has branch offices in Taichung and Kaohsiung to enable closer relations to customers and port-operations.


Together with its partners, Cargocare continually invests in this field with the goal of providing a paperless environment and greater shipment visibility for ALL its customers.



Million-a year business


Teu a month to Europe


Monthly Airfreight


Years of

Shipping your business is our business

We have three main offices that serve the whole island. Please contact your nearest office for any information you need. International enquiries should go to the head office in Taipei.

Taipei Head Office:

3 / F
No. 458, Hsin Yi Road Section 4
Taipei, Taiwan, 110


Main Telephone number: 886-2-87263600
Main Telefax number: 886-2-27296936


Fax number ocean freight: 886-2-27296936
Fax number air freight: 886-2-27294584
Fax number accounting: 886-2-27290802


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: TEL: 886-2-87263600 | FAX: 886-2-27296936 |



No. 14, Chin Chen Road
Taichung, Taiwan, 407

Contact : Ms. Cathy Mon, Office Manager


Main Telephone number: 886-4-24155980
Main Telefax number: 886-4-23225499




11F-D Room, No. 7, Szwei 4th Road
Ling Ya District
Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 802

Contact: Ms. May Lo, Office Manager


Main Telephone: 886-7-2136160
Main Fax: 886-7-5362335

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