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Air Freight Forwarding Services


In response to our customer’s expanding needs, Cargocare established an air freight forwarding department, which has since achieved rapid growth to become a well-known and respected name in the air freight industry.

Whether you are transporting high value merchandise, perishable produce, or any other time sensitive merchandise, Cargocare are fully qualified to deliver your shipment to any worldwide location.


In order to offer you the safest and most efficient means of transporting your goods, our global air freight and logistics service providers are linked with Customs via EDI and cargo tracking systems such as Cargonaut and Traxon.


Our Commitment to Providing Top Air Freight Shipping Services


A friendly and experienced team is always available to assist you with your logistical needs. Contact our air freight forwarding Department to benefit from the variety of services offered.


  • Worldwide Door-to-Door Services

  • Airport-to-Airport Services, including customs clearance

  • Charter Services – split of full charter options

  • Packing Services – tailor made packaging in conjunction with airline requirements

  • Affiliate offices globally

  • Flexibility – in today’s ever changing business environment we remain flexible to cater for your diversifying needs.


Cargocare ensure that your business needs are met by providing import and export solutions that deliver.

At Cargocare we have had a great deal of experience with handling air freight forwarding services for a whole range of customers including more than 1,500 private and publicly listed companies. If you like, you are welcome to contact our sales department who will be more than happy to provide you with numorous testemonials from many of our more than satisfied customers.

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